What Makes Pressfuls So Readable


Pressfuls is an online literary magazine/online digital press, publisher of Horror and Fantasy short stories. Pressfuls publishes triannually in the months of January, May and September.

What makes Pressfuls so readable?

Here it is:

1. The Stories

Horror and fantasy stories are absolutely the most fun to read stories. Pressfuls stories are fresh, original and vibrant. They are carefully handpicked for content and storyline. They are highly rated with very little explicit content. They are suitable for readers age 16 and older.

2. The Authors

Pressfuls stories come from talented young and professional writers from all over the world: UK, United States, Canada and other parts of Europe. Pressfuls writers are definitely diverse.

3. Read When You Want It

No need to wait for an Issue to arrive in the mail. Just subscribe to an Issue and signing up is a breeze. With Pressfuls’ user interface, it makes it easier to subscribe. It takes less than 30 seconds. Each Issue contains 10 stories and costs $7.49 per subscription with a lifetime subscription to the stories. It’s certainly worth trying.

4. Audio Versions

All Pressfuls stories include audio versions. They are accessible to all types of readers.

When you feel like relaxing and just want to listen to a story or do chores in the house while listening to a story, simply click the round Audio button at the right side of the screen. Pressfuls stories audio versions come at no extra charge.

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