Unleashed – Free Issue
Read “Unleashed – Free Issue”, A Haunting Collection Of 6 Horror And Fantasy Short Stories (With Downloadable Audio Mp3 and EPUB/MOBI For Kobo/Kindle)                    
Outra Frontra, Vol 6
Outra Frontra, Vol 6, September 2021, 4 Horror and Fantasy Shorts from the UK, Sweden, Ukraine and Canada (With Downloadable Audio Mp3, EPUB/MOBI for KOBO/KINDLE)        
Wildgenus, May 2021, 8 Horror and Fantasy Shorts, is fresh, wild, enigmatic and whimsical. (With Downloadable Audio Mp3 and EPUB/MOBI for Kobo/Kindle)            
Divinity (2021 – Vol 1), Jan 2021, 8 Horror and Fantasy Shorts. It’s both creepy and sublime, wondrous and forbidding, yet imaginative and lyrical, packed with heroism, supernaturalism and madness. (With Downloadable Audio and EPUB)
Dark Blood
Dark Blood, September 2020, 8 Horror Shorts, is fresh, sharp, witty, full of mystery, wonder, torture, blood and totally unpredictable. (With Downloadable Audio Mp3 and EPUB/MOBI for Kobo/Kindle)        
Dark Matter
Dark Matter (2020 Vol 2), May 2020, 8 Horror and Fantasy Shorts. It’s wicked, wild and terrifying. (With Downloadable Audio and EPUB for Kindle and Kobo)