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Dark Blood – 2020 Vol 3

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Dark Blood – 2020 Vol 3, September 2020 publication, a new collection of Horror short stories, is fresh, sharp, witty, full of mystery, wonder, torture, blood and totally unpredictable.

The collection includes:

“Jury Duty” by Chad Lehrmann, a writer from Texas, US

“Hazel” by Tatum Ozment, a writer from Buford, Georgia, US

“A Brittle Tuxedo” by Jacob Rothman, a writer from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, US

“Tick” by Ella Dean, a writer from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, US

“The Day She Became The Storm” by Yuliia Vereta, a writer from Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

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Dark Matter – 2020 Vol 2

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Dark Matter – 2020 Vol 2, May 2020 publication, a new collection of Horror and Fantasy short stories, is full of magic, ritual and sacrifice, evil creatures, spaceage and diseases.

The collection includes:

“The Horror Within” by Jacob Belanger, a writer from Canada

“Eden” by Felix Nicholls, a writer from Australia

“Kieran’s Jellyfish” by Ian Douglas, a writer from UK

“Solstice” by Marcus Konma, a writer from the US

“From The Earth” by Silva Chege, a writer from UK

“The Storyteller” by Madeleine White, a writer from the UK, whose full-length speculative, “Mother of Floods”, is published by Crowsnest

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Darkout – 2020 Vol 1

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Darkout – 2020 Vol 1 is a collection of 10 Horror and Fantasy Stories from the January 2020 Publication.

The collection includes stories from:

Francesca Taylor, a writer from UK, Winner of our “2019 Horror, Fantasy, Gothic, Mystery and Adventure Short Story Contest” and author of horror short story, “A Letter From The Grave”:

“I like to leave the end open and questioning, whether that be with a character’s death or something else…”

Katherine Duncombe from Canada, author of horror short story, “Evil Eyes”:

“…short stories as dreams, or, in the case of horror stories, as nightmares. They’re short but leave an impression. When I’m thinking about writing a short story, I think about what keeps me awake in the dead of night—dreams so vivid and frightening that I remember them years later. Those are the stories that I know will scare others as much as they scared me.”

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