Pressfuls (given meaning: a vast pristine forest) publishes the best in Horror and Fantasy Fiction from the best Horror and Fantasy writers in the world. A true and only Digital Publisher, Pressfuls believes in digital, electronic and paperless publication, and thus strives to reduce environmental footprint.


January, May and September.


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Roban Bandojo, Editor-in-chief
Catherine Rice, Assistant Editor
Ramon Siverio, Illustrator


Accepting Short Fiction Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Crime/Mystery (2000 – 5000 words)
Work must be original and unpublished
Pay Rate: 3¢ per word plus Original Content Payment (A 100-point system, so if a story scores 50 Points, author gets an additional $50 US; if 100 Points, an additional $100 US.)
Reading Fee: $5 US
Response Time: 2 weeks

How to Submit

Please make your Reading Fee payment here. Then make your submission to: submissions@pressfuls.com.