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Divinity, Jan 2021, 8 Horror and Fantasy Shorts, comes from 6 countries, across 3 continents. It’s both creepy and sublime, wondrous and forbidding, yet imaginative and lyrical, packed with heroism, supernaturalism and madness.

A Knight’s relentless quest to save the Fate of Humanity; a search for a missing child; a quiet-cold-outdoor-family-dinner-turned-massacre and more…

‘Humanity Restored’ By Thomas Lesteven; ‘Reticence’ By Evita Astraea; ‘Afterimage’ By Tia Lindstrom; ‘The Moon And The Magic’ By Mehreen Ahmed; ‘The Haze’ By David McVey; ‘The Last Pair’ By Elliot DiNero; ‘Ephesians 4:4’ By Alex Moth; ‘We Are Here’ By Brandon Grey

Includes: Audio Mp3 – Downloadable (Online Only); Ebook (EPUB/MOBI) – Downloadable, Pages: 126, Reading Time: 1.30 Hrs


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