2020 Anthology

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2020 Anthology, a collection of 10 Horror and Fantasy Short Stories selected from Darkout – 2020 Vol 1 (January 2020), Dark Matter – 2020 Vol 2 (May 2020) and Dark Blood – 2020 Vol 3 (September 2020) year 2020 publications.
The titles include:
“A Letter From The Grave” by Francesca Taylor, a writer from UK
“Melody And Harmony” by Templeton Moss
“In The Shadow Of The City” by Dennis Conrad, a writer from US
“The Horror Within” by Jacob Belanger, a writer from Canada
“Eden” by Felix Nicholls, a writer from Australia
“Kieran’s Jellyfish” by Ian Douglas, a writer from UK
“Solstice” by Marcus Konma, a writer from the US
“Hameln” by Eva Liukineviciute, a writer from Essex, UK
“The House At St. Joseph’s” by Barry Shaw, a writer from Nottingham, UK
“Jury Duty” by Chad Lehrmann, a writer from the US

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