Dark Matter

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Dark Matter, a collection of 8 Horror and Fantasy Short Stories, is wicked, wild and terrifying.

A young man secretly performs a horrifyingly powerful magic ritual; an evil jellyfish; a freezing cold sweeps a world on a winter solstice and more…

“The Horror Within” By Jacob Belanger; “Eden” By Felix Nicholls; “Kieran’s Jellyfish” By Ian Douglas; “Solstice” By Marcus Konma; “53 Melville Square” By Geraldine Furey; “The He-Goat” By Sarah Crocker; “The Storyteller” By Madeleine F White; “The Hall Of Geological Personifications” By John Keane

Includes: Downloadable Audio – Mp3 (Online Only); Downloadable EBook – EPUB, MOBI; Pages: 127; Reading Time: 1.30 Hrs


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