Darkout – 2020 Vol 1 is a collection of 20 Horror and Fantasy Stories from the January 2020 Publication written by very talented writers from all over the world.

The collection includes stories from:

Francesca Taylor, a writer from UK, Winner of our “2019 Horror, Fantasy, Gothic, Mystery and Adventure Short Story Contest” and author of horror short story, “A Letter From The Grave”.

“I like to leave the end open and questioning, whether that be with a character’s death or something else…”

Katherine Duncombe from Canada, author of horror short story, “Evil Eyes”.

“…short stories as dreams, or, in the case of horror stories, as nightmares. They’re short but leave an impression. When I’m thinking about writing a short story, I think about what keeps me awake in the dead of night—dreams so vivid and frightening that I remember them years later. Those are the stories that I know will scare others as much as they scared me.”

Muyassar Sattarova from Russia, author of horror short story, “How I Killed You (Repentance).

“Sometimes a meaningful statement can speak louder than a novel!”


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